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I checked out your site. It is certainly very poignant! Good job!
- Vishwanath. G - 17/6/98
Namaste Jayesh, As you mentioned on your page, it is without pictures, but well done.
Yeah, I think you give a good overview over the different philosophies which are named as "hinduism". Although I was only able to visit a few of your different links to so many homepages. I think for sure you should go on to show the variety of thoughts in hinduism.
Please forgive me, that I have not more time to help you in your efforts.
- Gaurahari - 17/6/98
Webmaster : I would like to thank Gaurahari for the excellent list of links provided by him
I think that this is an excellent idea. Despite the fact that I am involved with religious activities and other related stuff, I never thought about doing something like this.
In fact, recently I have an additional responsibility and that is to contribute to a movement called "TRAC" which stands for tradition, religion, aspiration and culture. TRAC is formed amongst each and every community i.e. TRAC-Tamils, TRAC-Gujarati, TRAC-Malayalee etc. The TRAC-Malayalee was absolutely the last to be formed and it still has not got off the ground. Basically, the idea is to promote awareness of your own traditions and culture and elaborating on the inner significance of hinduism which is a way of life. To cater to the youngsters, most practices of hinduism is now explained scientifically. Hinduism is a science - that's the message.
So, I think it is a fantastic thing to do during spare time. There are people, in fact, who insist that you should do it all the time. I will look into your site and come back to you with my feedback. At the same time, if you have any ideas how I could contribute to the masses here, do give me your ideas as well.
- G.K.Prasad - 16/6/98
Looks good. Why not also links to mythology, cos lots of people I know keep asking me the stuff like, which Gods fly, what kind of women Gods were there and what were their exploits, what kind of place was heaven for women, of course all these questions by academics! Then I could tell them to look up your site..
- Sangeetha Madhavan - 16/6/98
I was looking to your site, and just checked the main-links. I just want to tell you one thing for now: This seems the best site I have ever seen about Hinduism. I am searching for such a site since a long time. I just had 30minutes to take a first look... will come back to it later in the evening, because I have to look for my family now. I will send u more detailed comments soon by e-mail. By the way, I'm a devotee of Ammachi.
I think it is a very good site for western people like me, because it has a comprehensive collection of links to a lot of different aspects of Hinduism. I'm interested in Hinduism since about 8years, and I've read a lot of books about it, but I think that I still know almost nothing about it compared to the wide range of wisdom which Hinduism can give to the world...but anyway, we will find the real wisdom only inside ourselfes, reading about this and that can only support our spiritual practise.
I also think that it is good that you avoided all these graphics and other stuff which takes the site a long time to load. Pure information is enough, some linked sites are anyway full with nice pictures and graphics. I also was happy to find a link to, because I did not know about the existence of this site, and I adore Vivekananda and his teachings.
At last I want to tell you that I'm very happy that I found you through ICQ, because it is not so easy to get in touch with Indians in the net who seem to have the same spiritual interest and background like you. (I think the majority of Indian Internet-users is already too much influenced by the "western way of life", and much of them forgott the greatness of their own culture....but maybe I'm wrong?)
- Gerald Streiter (aka Gopal) - 16/6/98

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