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- a way of life

My tryst with Hinduism began the day I was born. My parents taught me to live life the Hindu way, the same way that all Indians are guided by their parents and grandparents. Since early days it has been leading me, teaching me to be a better human being, showing me to love my family, community and all living beings.

As I grew, I began to feel around me the various 'energies' that Hinduism has within. Being a path that is a few thousand years old, it had picked up along its way, pearls of wisdom from every possible subject that deals with the life of man and the world that surrounds him.

I was amazed to discover that Hinduism had gathered its spirituality from astrology, architecture, law, humanities, sex, medicine, physics, chemistry and a whole lot more.

While surfing on the net, I was even more surprised that individuals and organisations had painstakingly documented so much about Hinduism, right from the Vedas to topics about modern day gurus.

When the Western man scoffs at the various intepretations of Hinduism and the manifestations it presents itself in, I hope that he realises that Hinduism is not a 'religion' that has been sparked off by a single individual. It is a gathering of knowledge that has taken thousands of years.

I see that no single site gives us all the different links to Hinduism related sites and that is why I took upon this challenge to present to the world all facets of Hinduism.

This process may take me a lifetime and I will have left it incomplete at the end of the day, but I am sure that all those pearls you gather while I continue creating and building the site will make you a better human being.

I dedicate this site to my parents - who showed me the right way of life.


I began construction of this site on 5th of June '98, and know that it would take forever to reach anywhere near completion. wonderful people have visited this site before you. Kindly send all responses, addresses of related URL's and related articles to and I shall include it in this site.